Archos unveils their G9 tablets

Archos officially launched their brand new Gen9 tablets, and you know what? They look pretty impressive.

The French manufacturer revealed their new tablet line yesterday, which arrive in 8-inch (Archos 80) and 10.1-inch (Archos 101) models, running on Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) with capacitive touchscreens and 1GHZ or 1.5GHzARM dual-core processors. The Archos 101 features 16GB of flash memory while the 8-inch can arrive with 8GB or…. get this, a massive 250GB of memory.

Yep you heard it right. They are the only tablets that offer 250GB of storage, with 4GB of flash just for apps and Honeycomb. This means you have enough room to store 40 full HD movies, and since the G9 series is able to natively decode 1080p H264 videos, you no longer have to pre-convert movies for use with your tablet. If you think 250Gb is too much, it’s all good, since the G9s also  feature a full-sized USB port, so you can plug and play your media while you’re on the move. Battery life estimated at 7 hours of continuous video playback, which is more than suitable for a movie marathon.

Another unique feature of the Gen9 tablets is that they are 3G ready, but not embedded with it. How does it work then?  To make your tablet 3G ready, they offer a unique 3G dongle that attaches to the rear of the tablet. This is great because you no longer have to decide on the day of purchase if you want 3G or not –  you can simply upgrade later on with a “pay as you go” solution. And what’s even better is that the dongle can also work on your laptop.


Suggested retail prices:

Archos 80 8GB (Classic)  – Php 16,999
Archos 80 250GB (Turbo) – Php 19,999
Archos 101 16GB (Turbo) – Php 19,999


Check out our upcoming Feb 2012 print issue for more details.

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