Ballistic Cases, “Perfecting Protection” for your Smartphones and Tablets

iPhone housed in a Ballistic case dropped from 12 feet above the ground.

The brand behind the amazing HexTec technology that provides protective solutions for smartphones and tablets, Ballistic Case Co., is now in Philippines! The company’s lineup of rugged cases offers HexTec six-sided drop protection technology, including Ballistic Corners that protect screens from cracks and scratches. Moreover, the cases also protect the device from impacts on the front, back, and corners – even from a 12 feet drop.

“We design, engineer, and aggressively test our cases to offer the best protection on the market,” said Hank Goradesky, founder and CEO of Ballistic Cases Co. “Let’s face it – we’re rough on our devices, and we drop them all the time. At Ballistic, we believe every case, whether it’s sleek or rugged, should protect you valuable devices. Our HexTec six-sided drop protection means you can drop your device on the front, back or corners and have a confidences that it’s safe.”

Addressing the different needs of the consumers is also one of the main focus of Ballistic according to their vice president of marketing, Jason Naylor. “We believe our competitors have overlooked people who don’t want bulky cases but do want refined-looking, expert protection. Ballistic serves those individuals by clearly defining, right on the front of the package, how our cases protect devices. We have a case for every lifestyle, whether you’re a mom on the go or a rugged professional.”

Ballistic cases are available at the following stores: Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Quick Sound, Celplus. Datalink Technologies, Digital Hub. District 32, Ecentral Cellphone Electronics, iGig, iStore, iStudio, iCenter, iBook, Switch, JMB Albay, Lenin Computer Syste, Mobile 1, SeaTac, Wellworth, Sync, Technopop, Urbanize, and Vertex.