Drop the bass with the Pioneer DJ PLX-1000


The Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 was met with acclaim from DJs (both professionals and hobbyists) and guests alike during its launch party last July 17 at SM Aura. The latest Pioneer DJ product was fittingly unveiled during the country’s 2014 Electronic Music Conference and Audio Expo (EMEX).


The PLX-1000 is an analogue turn table which pays homage to the granddaddy of your music devices – the vinyl record. It has a familiar and timeless layout with controls placed where you’d expect them to be. It has a high-torque direct drive system that helps the turntable achieve its fixed rotation speed (33 1/3 rpm) within only 0.3 seconds, the stability of which provides exceptional music control. The body is extremely durable and its tone arm is well-insulated. Its craftsmanship dampens vibrations and howling effects, resulting in smooth and flawless playback. Additional features include an improved tempo/pitch controller and detachable power and audio cables for easy transport and replacement.


But do these specs mean anything for real life music mixing? DJ Carlo Atendido, 2014 Red Bull Thre3Style Champion, thought so. Wowing the crowd with his electrifying music mixes and entertaining mannerisms, DJ Carlo said that the PLX-1000’s torque and tempo range was an ideal mix; he loves that though upgraded, the device looks and feels the same as those he regularly used; it was more accurate; and to sum it all up, he said “It feels like home”.


Former Wowowee jockey, DJ Coki, shared Carlo’s sentiments. Working with a completely vinyl setup, DJ Coki showcased what the PLX-1000 can offer those specializing in scratch mixing. He said that pickup is not slow and there are no skips and vibrations even with strong bass, knocking on the device while it was playing to demonstrate his point.


For its premium build, features, and its brand lineage, the PLX-1000 is tagged at a surprisingly low price of Php 39,999. Pre-ordering is the name of the game if you want to take the Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 for a spin.