Get the latest ChatON updates from the Samsung Forum 2014


Samsung had a lot to show off at the recently-concluded Consumer Electronics Showw in Las Vegas. Those of us who weren’t able to make it to the show still have a chance to experience everything Samsung revealed at the CES at a venue much closer to home, thanks to the 2014 South East Asia forum.

We’re going to be covering the event from Bali, so we’ll get you updates on the Gadgets Facebook page, Twitter and this site, but if you want to get all the angles, you can watch the latest developments right from Samsung with the ChatOn app available for both Android and iOS. Just head over to the App Store for iOS or Play Store or Android, and install the ChatON app, if you haven’t already.

For Android, once you have the ChatON app installed, run it, then click on “PLUS,” the hit “LIVEpartner,” then the bar that says “+ Follow more LIVEpartner,” under which you will find the Samsung Forum 2014. Then hit the button to follow the feed.

For iOS, run ChatON, hit “More,” Click on “Special Buddy,” findthe Samsung Forum 2014, then hit the button to follow.

The news feed is slowly starting to gather steam, ramping up to tomorrow’s event, which starts in the morning. We’ll get the latest news about Samsung devices, a few insights on what’s going on in the world of tech, and the direction Samsung is taking in the future. There’s going to be a lot of stuff to watch for, so stay updated! We’ll be back with more news shortly!