Globe Tattoo launches the first Passion Forum in PH


2014-05-20 19.25.25

Knowledge is a powerful thing. You can argue all day about how to acquire it, but one thing is certain: It can change the world. Always at the forefront of what is at the forefront of innovation, Globe Tattoo has just launched Trend Talks.

Trend Talks is a venue that aims to stimulate the insightful exchange of ideas between the people and those who are considered trendsetters in their individual fields. The first of the talks is going to be about music, in particular the EDM scene in the Philippines, and all its different facets. Musicians, DJs, and Club operators are all on the list of speakers to talk about the latest developments in the world of EDM, as well as future trends for the scene.

“The best musical events that Tattoo has thrown over the past years are not just for the sake of hosting events, but to provide the perfect venue for Tattoo subscribers to express their passion for music as our way of giving back to them. Alongside the launch of our new product GoSurf with Spotify, we believe that music is the most engaging and stimulating of topics,” says Dong Ronquillo, Globe VP for Nomadic Broadband Business.

In order to liven things up, the Trend Talks will follow a slightly different format from the usual. Trend Talks will be equal parts talk and music. Not only will the headliners discuss the latest in dance music, they will also treat the crowd with special sets showcasing their own brand of sound.

Leading the roster of speakers is five-time top DJ in the world, Armin Van Buuren. Van Buuren, who is also performing in a solo dance music concert the same night entitled Armin Only “Intense,” will be sharing his influential insights and international view on the evolution of dance music particularly in the progressive trance and uplifting trance genres.

Opening for Van Buuren are underground music influencers Ingo Voglemann and Pav Parrotte who are both prolific and experienced dance music artists whose singles and remixes have garnered critical and commercial acclaim.

Meanwhile, homegrown talent Nicky Jurado, with decades of experience under his belt, is slated to follow up with how EDM infuses underground club scene to the mainstream.

Katrina Razon and Mikail Schemm, both having traveled the world and immersed themselves in different cultures, sub-cultures and sounds, go back to their roots and explain why they ended up having a passion for music mixes and how their brand of sound incorporates elements from the underground.

Top local DJ Mars Miranda and business maverick Stephen Ku will take on the business side of music. They will expound on their own experiences in their chosen careers which aspiring musicians and producers, as well as entrepreneurs, can use as inspiration to succeed in the music business.

Finally, further enriching the local club scene are influences from across the globe brought about by international acts landing on our shores courtesy of Driven Manila’s Domini Primero and Bigfish International’s Ricky Daker. They carry a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge on bringing in and managing international acts may it be in a massive arena or in an intimate club.

Ronquillo further enthuses, “Music is universal and perhaps the only language that can speak to every person in the world, no matter where they came from. It’s a form of communication that thrives in diversity and exists because of influences from different places and eras; and that’s in tune with the kind of connection that we at Tattoo aspire for.”

All the speakers for Trend Talks will also have their own Spotify playlist that the audience can view and follow. Check out the latest tracks the Trend Talks speakers have listened to when you get Spotify free on your tablets. Tattoo prepaid customers can subscribe to GoSURF50 with 250MB of data valid for 3 days with free access to Spotify.

The first edition of Trend Talks happens on May 30, 2014, Friday, at the Grand Ballroom of Solaire Resort & Casino. Tickets to the event are available at P2,500 through Ticket World. A ticket gives you exclusive access to Tattoo’s Trend Talks and Armin Van Buuren’s Armin Only “Intense” concert, which will take place at the Mall Of Asia Arena on the same day.