HTC drops prices on their phones at the iwantHTC sale!


htc philippines huge sale

HTC, one of the leading manufacturers of Android phones today, and the company behind the HTC One, are having a pretty massive sale. While the HTC Flagship isn’t on the list (and neither is the gorgeous HTC Butterfly), there are a lot of other, extremely capable devices, including the previously reviewed and extremely awesome Windows Phone 8x, which is going for the extremely tempting price of PHP 24, 490.

Other phones on the list include the HTC One X and One X+, and the One S, as well as their lower-tier phones, all the way down below the PHP 10,000 mark.

The sale stared on the 15th, and will keep going for a solid month, so you have a little more time to find an excuse to spoil yourself with a new phone. Having completed that, you can then march over to your nearest HTC Concept store or authorized HTC retailer and take home your shiny new HTC device.