iAcademy awarded as the first IBM Center of Excellence

If you’re familiar at all with the BPO industry, you already know that getting talented people is becoming increasingly difficult. Cultivating talent and expertise has been iAcademy’s top priorities, and because of that IBM has seen fit to name it as the first IBM Center of Excellence in the country in a ceremony conducted in the school’s premises yesterday.

iAcademy was chosen to receive the recognition in lieu of several merits, including students that are now working in IBM and providing IBM with quality interns that manage to excel in the company.

As a center of excellence, IBM will conduct faculty development training programs and student development programs in iAcademy. IBM will also include certification-oriented training progams for the faculty and students of iAcademy.

To know more about iAcademy, point your browsers to www.iacademy.edu.ph


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