Meet the Suzuki GD110, the most affordable motorcycle in the country


Suzuki unveils its newest “advanced commuter” motorcycle, bringing cost-effective personal transportation to inexperienced riders with a price tag of only Php 47,900.



Unveiled for the first time to dealers and members of the media , the new Suzuki GD110 promises to be both affordable, efficient and user-friendly to first time bike riders. It features a new lightweight 4-stroke SOHC engine which is highly combustion efficient and economical. Suzuki’s new bike is environmentally friendly as well, equipped with Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection system (PAIR) that reduces emissions.

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“For the Suzuki GD110, we are looking at the first time motorcyle owner market and the shifters-from commuters to riders” says Eiji Kobayashi, general manager of motorcyle sales and marketing. To cater to this need, the GD110 features a 4-speed transmission and high visibility meters.

Suzuki also offers its spare parts advantage that lets consumers buy components by the piece or the “tingi” system. Additionally, if you purchase a GD110 between Feb 1 – June 30 2012, you’ll get a free Suzuki jacket.