Microsoft and the DTI work together to enforce responsible market pricing


DTI-Microsoft Philippines Partnership for Price Monitoring App - Copy

Microsoft recently renewed its aim to be a meaning partner to the government by collaborating with the Department of Trade and Industry to create the DTI price monitoring app for Windows Tablets. This is a huge step forward from the current method of manually taking note of the prices of goods available in the market. The app allows for a much more efficient process that maximizes the DTI’s time and productivity.

Field personnel of the DTI will be equipped with the DTI price monitoring app by the end of the last quarter of this year, which will better allow them to monitor the prices of basic commodities such as necessities and prime commodities such as instant noodles, bread, canned fish and other marine products, salt, processed milk and flour among many other solid in public markets and supermarkets. In so doing, DTI will power its staff with over 100 Windows 8 Acer W510 tablets.

The new process will allow for transmission of critical price data much more intelligently and in real-time, as well as streamline and simplify operations, allowing agents to better focus on the steps needed to ensure vendors stick to pricing policies.

“At Microsoft Philippines, it is our sincere commitment to create a lasting impact in the country that we are part of through our innovative devices and services,” said Karrie Ilagan, General Manager of Microsoft Philippines. “In line, we take pride to be a partner of the Department of Trade and Industry in its mission to enable businesses and to empower consumers through a technology-led price monitoring system. With this initiative, we look forward to helping enable a better marketplace where consumers are protected.”