OTJ: The Series on HOOQ cast revealed

The cast of OTJ: The Series together with Erik Matti and Dondon Hontiveros

Months following the announcement of a mini-series based on the multi-awarded movie On The Job, HOOQ together with Globe Studios and Reality Entertainment recently revealed the cast of OTJ: The Series.

OTJ: The Missing 8 is a six-episode series inspired by Erik Matti’s masterpiece movie, OTJ. The series, which will debut on HOOQ, is the first big production created exclusively for an online video service in the region. It is co-produced by Reality Entertainment the independent film outfit of Matti and Dondon Monteverde in partnership with Globe Studios.

The series follows the stories of Sisoy (Teroy Guzman) a corrupt media veteran in his fifties; Pedring, (Nonoy Froilan) a politician who would go lengths to protect his power; Pam (Bela Padilla) a hard-hitting young journalist from a big network; and Roman (Neil Ryan Sese), a contract killer from prison. Completing the stellar cast are Arjo Atayde, Smokey Manaloto, Dominic Ochoa, Jake Macapagal, Christopher de Leon, Ria Atayde, Renz Fernandez, Levi Ignacio, and Napa Hilario-Cruz, whose characters will get involved in the mumbo-jumbo of things. Meanwhile, Leo Martinez will reprise his role as the sinister General Pacheco.

The story arc will revolve around the fictitious town of La Paz, Manila, and a penitentiary. The lives of the characters intersect when eight journalists are massacred and buried without a trace a day before Christmas Eve. Erik Matti shared that a huge chunk of the story will tackle what truly goes on media—the good and the bad—along with the gripping themes present in the movie.

HOOQ will be releasing OTJ: The Series soon in the Philippines and in other territories in Asia.