Pinoy_Blogfest 3.0 happens tomorrow!


We live in a world whose borders are shrinking. Getting access to information has never been easier, and as such, people find that getting what they want is simple, particularly when you aren’t picky about how to get it. Yes, we are talking about piracy. People who pirate tend not to care about whom they are hurting and how, and we’re tackling that at the Pinoy_Blogfest.

Head over to our Facebook Page at, send us a message with your details, provided and we’ll save you a slot in the evening program, and where we’ll be discussing the piracy problem with a panel of experts, including ADMU PolSci professor, Filipino Freethinker and author Leloy Claudio, Jason Conanan from the Terno Records band Hidden Nikki and Lawyer and former IPO Consultant Mark Robert Dy.

Make sure you drop by for the afternoon sessions as well and learn a few photography tricks, the legal side of IP and a local kickstarter for creatives. We’ll be at the Alphaland Tents at Chino Roces tomorrow starting at 1pm. We’ll see you there!