Samsung shows us their vision of the world at the Fourth South East Asia, Oceania and Taiwan Forum

Samsung, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of home, entertainment and computing products, has unveiled their vision of home through a list of their products ranging from televisions, a “Made for Asia” refrigerator, a revolutionary camera and lens, as well as their Series 7 Chronos PC. The Samsung SEA Forum, held in Jakarta gave us a glimpse of some of the products set to hit the shelves this year.

In 2012, Samsung demonstrated leadership across a range of their markets, including TVs. This year, Samsung hopes to leverage on that success by releasing even more cutting-edge televisions for the discerning consumer. Their new flagship TV, the F8000 LED TV, is Samsung’s first television to offer a quad-core processor. Available in sizes up to 75 inches, the F8000 features an ultra-thin profile, a quarter-inch thick bezel and a wave inspired Arc stand that makes it appear as if it is floating in the air.

Samsung has also released its first 85 inch Ultra Definition TV, the 85S9. The device is crafted in what Samsung has dubbed the “Timeless Gallery” design that sets a new standard with regard to form; the TV appears to float within its frame, contrasting the simplicity of design with the enormous display. The TV also has a single cable to connect to the TV so as not to detract from the TVs minimalist design. The 85S9 is also able to upscale HD content to Full HD and UHD resolution, so viewers can enjoy the TVs native resolution no matter what the source.

To pair with the beautiful visual clarity afforded by the TVs, Samsung released the HT-F9750W, a 7.1 channel home theater system that is the perfect companion to the new TVs. The system features a 1,330-watt sound system for unprecedented sound quality and exceptional viewing experience, and it is powered by Samsung’s Gallium Nitride amplifier and vacuum tube amplifier to create a pure, natural sound.

2012 saw the advent of voice and motion commands for the Samsung TVs. 2013 is seeing a refinement to this technology. The current lineup is now able to handle 300 commands, with greatly improved recognition rates. Rotation, panning, content selection and zooming can now all be done through these organic commands. This, partnered with S-Recommendation, allows users to ask the Smart TV for show suggestions, or films by particular actors or genres. Searches aggregate relevant results from all available on-air or app services.

Samsung has a plan to bring the future to our homes. This is only the surface of what they have in store for the consumer, and in only one facet of home technology. Stay posted to learn more about what the manufacturing giant has in store for us, but for now, enjoy the tech.