Samsung throws ‘housewarming’ event featuring Digital Appliances

We saw a lot of nifty digital home appliances yesterday at Samsung’s Housewarming Party where they launched a lot of cool and helpful gadgets that fit the needs of the modern home.

The digital appliances were exhibited in a simulated household, complete with a kitchen, a bedroom, a wash room, and a living room. Among the fashion and lifestyle icons who demonstrated the various appliances were Daphne Oseña-Paez, Amanda Griffin, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo and Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

At the bedroom area, we were introduced to the elegantly designed Samsung digital airconditioner whose Smart Inverter Technology makes it 60% more energy-efficient. It also has a technology called Virus Doctor that immobilizes and deactivates bacteria.

At the wash room setup, we saw Samsung’s fully automatic digital washing machines that are equipped with Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology which makes washing more efficient and saves up to 70% more energy.

In the kitchen display, we encountered the Samsung digital refrigerators that featured no-frost technology which prevents the buildup of ice. The Digital Refrigerators also run on Inverter Technology for energy efficiency. We were also introduced to the one of its digital microwaves, which had an anti-scratch and anti-bacterial ceramic enamel cavity.

Samsung also introduced its Digital Vacuum Cleaner which is extremely easy to use. Its Super Twin Chamber technology enables it to hold more dirt.

One of the digital appliances that caught our eye was the Samsung NaviBot, which is pretty much like a smart robotic pet that cleans up the house by roaming around and collecting dirt. Samsung tells us that it actually creates a schematic map internally after its first try around your house. This means that when you use it again, it’ll automatically know where to go and sweep up dirt.

For more information on Samsung’s awesome digital appliances, you can head on over to their website