SHARP celebrates 30 years in the Philippines

SHARP’s Annual Dealers’ Convention today was not just any other event – it was also the springboard to celebrate the company’s 30 year presence in the Philippines and 100 years worldwide.

What makes SHARP’s relationship to our country memorable is their decision to remain despite the turbulent socio-political climate brought about by martial law and the EDSA Revolution in 1986. The local subsidiary was still relatively new during that time, and so it was a courageous decision to stick it out, which is why today’s convention was aptly named: “Through Thick & Thin”.

Today, SHARP embarks on a mission to go green, and they are exploring providing solar power in the Philippines. Currently, a Cepalco operated farm in Cagayan is the first solar farm in the country, utilizing SHARP’s poly-crystalline silicon (PSC) solar panels. From this initial step, the company hopes to begin a journey to make photovoltaic technology more efficient and accessible locally.

On a smaller scale, SHARP brings its eco-friendly solutions to the home as well, with appliances such as air purifiers and refrigerators equipped with Plasmacluster Ion technology, which battle harmful elements in the air. Moreover, one of their flagship products this year is the power efficient 70-inch Quattron 735 series, which is currently the largest LCD television in the Philippines. It is equipped with Sharp’s new UV2A technology – the first to have the “proprietary RGB+Y” technology that translates advanced picture quality and color accuracy.

The festivities were held in the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Visiting guests included Mr. Koji Domoto, Group Deputy General Manager of Sharp ASEAN Group and Managing Director of Sharp Electronics Malaysia (SEM); Mr. Naotaka Ohtsuka, Group Deputy General Manager, Health and Environment Systems Group and Division General Manager of Refrigerator System Division; and Mr. Hiroshi Kawana, Manager, LCD Digital Systems Division 3 of the Audio-Visual Systems Group .