Sony officially launches three new cameras and introduces three ambassadors to back each up

Sony Philippines formally launched three new full-frame cameras, and introduced their three newest brand ambassadors behind each device, at a media and camera club event in Makati yesterday.

Sony’s first ambassador was Pilar Tuason. Pilar is one of the country’s most respected and sought-after wedding, portrait and fashion photographers. She won the first award for Photographer of the year in 2003 from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines Association, and was a student of Classical Portraiture under the late, great Monte Zucker. Her highly technical demands necessitate the best equpment the industry has to offer, and as such Sony’s Alpha99 is the perfect fit. Its Single Lens Traslucent (SLT) technology removes vibration when taking shots, and the lack or an articulating mirror means that her eye is on the shot 100 percent of the time, every single time. This cuts down on time having to check the camera’s screen after every shot, and greatly expedites her shoots. The Alpha99 also gives her an amazing array of lenses, ensuring she has exactly the one she needs for every situation. The Full Frame technology lets Pilar take in the whole shot, with no cropping, chopped elements or framing problems to worry about, in 24,3 megapixel clarity.

The second ambassador is Manny Librodo, a man lauded by Scott Kelby in 2009 as one of the five best photographers (that you probably haven’t heard about). His purely ambient light style of photography demands nothing but the best equipment; something that Sony offered in spades. While a professional photographer by trade, and one of the best in the business, Manny admits that he is not very technical in his approach, so apart from his own Alpha99 and its arsenal of features, Manny likes to use the Sony Cyber-shot RX1. The RX1, in his own words, is just too small for what it can do; that is, give scary-sharp, full frame performance at par with large-frame SLRs. The RX1 gives Manny excellent color reproduction, easy-to-master manual controls and even the ability to shoot full-HD video. The sharp sensor, along with an ISO range of 100 all the way to a staggering 25600 lets Manny take spectacular photos even when light is a problem.

The final brand ambassador is renowned Filipino Filmmaker Pepe Diokno, whose debut film Engkwentro, won the Lion of the Future (Luigi de Laurentis) award at the 2009 Venice Film Festival, the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film at the 2010 Jeonju International Film Festival, and the Gawad Urian for Best Editing. Pepe’s Sony of choice is the NEX-VG900 E-mount Interchangeable lens full-HD camcorder. This full-frame camera is capable of beautiful HD video at a24.3 megapixels, and can shoot in 25/24p progressive mode. Pepe says that he, as a filmmaker and director loves how the camera can record such high-quality audio with nothing more than the on-board Quad Capsule Spatial Array Microphone. The staggering video and audio quality lets Pepe shoot award-winning videos with nothing more than this single handheld tool. If the situation and his needs change, he can simply swap out a lens, and his man-on-the-street video camera instantly changes to a documentary or interview setup.

All three cameras allow photographers and cinematographers unparalleled versatility, image quality and ease of use not afforded them by other brands, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to the experts.


The DSC-RX1 and Alpha99 will be available for PHP 139,999, and the NEX-VG900 will be available for PHP149,999 by the end of February 2013