The US Embassy, US AID, Google Philippines and Globe bring disaster preparedness Tech Camp to the Philippines



Disasters are a way of life, particularly here in our country. Just last year, 25 typhoons hit the country, many homeless, injured or worse. The worst of the lot, Haiyan, left so many ravaged in its wake. The country and the rest of the world gave overwhelming relief, but with such an overwhelming response, coordination, tracking of survivors, and the distribution of relief goods and aid became difficult. The event, held on the 5th and 6th of this month, seeks to empower participants with the tools to monitor danger areas, keep track of those who need aid, and better manage all the information on the ground. Donations, extra hands, and other resources are great, but without a unified system to handle all the aid, many important factors can be overlooked.

The tech camp is a participative event that allows regional experts to share their particular skills and knowledge, and provides different topics most relevant to their concerns. It is also a venue for these experts to pick up even more solutions that are centered around each of their areas of concern. Technology Experts from all over the country are present, and able to share different solutions with the participants and guests, better equipping them to handle the kinds of disasters that hit our country.