TV5 and MMDA’s Traffic Navigator officially launches, mobile app will be available soon


So we’ve been using the Traffic Navigator that was developed by TV5 and the MMDA for a while now, and we’re not going to lie – it’s definitely a time saver. Little did we know that the site was only in its beta stages, and things have gotten better since then. The service was officially launched tonight at the EDSA Shangri-La, and it’s picked up a few improvements since we last saw it. The site has been optimized for web browsing on almost every screen and operating system, be it in your monitor or on your smartphone. They’ve also announced a few planed improvements to the site, including adding more roads, which will include Katipunan, Marcos Highway and Ortigas (hopefully including arterial roads as well) and mobile versions of the app for iOS and Android. The site is updated every 15 minutes, so people will hopefully get a good idea of what they’re getting into before they leave. Another nice feature that’s been unveiled is the ability to share traffic deets via Twitter and Facebook, and soon the ability to see the reason why a certain part of the road is congested.

We were given a preview of the iOS app for Interaksyon app. Aside from giving users a way to keep track of the what’s happening on the road, the app also allows you to keep up with the stories that broke during the day, as well a way to download and read the articles later. As an added bonus, you can also listen to music from TV5’s own radio station, DWFM 92.3. Sadly, aside from the normal app development routes (Android, Blackberry and Windows), there’s no word on a Symbian app yet (this is still Nokia country, after all) but we’ve gotten word that they’re trying to find a way for non-smartphone users to benefit from the site.