Apertura: Jinri Park in The Snapshots Issue


Photo by Jay Tablante

You’ve seen her face in magazines and on bookshelves, and you’ve come across her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere on the World Wide Web. If there is anyone who has the camera to thank for an opening into cult fame, it’s Jinri Park.

Not only has she dominated websites and magazines with photographs of her foxy physique; she has recently become a TV personality as well. Google her name, and you’ll find steamy selfies and videos of Jinri talking, singing, dancing, and even doing nothing. It seems that in nearly everything she does, Jinri is in front of the lens—be it someone else’s camera or her own.

The eyes of the public are on Jinri—this is true especially among the male population of the audience. People never seem to get tired of gazing at her. From a voyeur’s perspective, her alluring figure and radiant face are undoubtedly part of the equation, but whatever the reason may be, there is definitely something about Jinri that pulls in the viewer’s eye.

Photo by Cla Gregorio

Peek through the lens and see for yourself how Jinri can pull you into the page as she ushers you into her boudoir in Gadgets Magazine’s April 2013 release, The Snapshots Issue.