Bosch DIY tools: Father’s day gift guide




With Father’s day just around the corner, Bosch makes finding the perfect gift for your hardworking dad easy. If your father likes to tinker with stuff at home, Skil, Bosch’s flagship brand of power tools, may have a thing or two for your pre-father’s day shopping.

Although most dads are normally low-maintenance and easy to shop for, we still have to make an effort to choose the right gift that will match their preference and needs to make up for the years they devoted in raising us.

Here are some power tools that your father will much likely want to have in his toolbox.

Bosch GSB 10RE Impact Drill

Bosch GSB 10RE Impact Drill – SRP 4,150.00

(25% off exclusively in Ace Hardware Stores nationwide, June 2013)

Touted as the most compact and powerful impact drill in its class, the Bosch GSB 10RE Impact Drill makes boring holes easy. This Bosch innovation is devised to match every surface, may it be wood or hard cement. It is lightweight, handy, and has forward/reverse rotation for fastening and removing screws. Dads will most probably like its electronic control that allows accurate and precise drilling.

GWS 8-100Z Small Angle Grinder

GWS 8-100Z Small Angle Grinder– SRP 5,029.00

(25% offexclusively in Ace Hardware Stores nationwide, June 2013)

Grinding, cutting, and polishing tasks for dad, the GWS 8-100Z incorporates convenience and durability for users. Among its various features are spindle lock for quick disk changes, air inlets for optimal air flow and cooling, burst proof guard to keep production hazards, and a paddle switch for maximum safety operation.

Skil 1571 Planer

Skil 1571 Planer – SRP 4,570.00

(25% offexclusively in Ace Hardware Stores nationwide, June 2013)

Last on the list is the Skil 1571 Planer—the go-to tool for smoothening protruding and uneven doors, table legs, and furniture. This planer has an aluminum foot plate, allowing cutting with ease for smooth surfaces. It also sports a heavy-duty driving belt and a strong safety holder to keep your dad safe while making his craft.

From June 1 to June 30, Bosch and retail partner Ace Hardware offers discounts on selected Bosch and Skil power tools in honor of  hardworking Dads all over the country.

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