Canon Pixma P200: Personalize your home with DIY decors


P200 situational

A home depends on one’s personality to how a home would look like. What turns a house into a home are the personal touches—big or small—that each family member contributes. The Canon PIXMA P200 is one of those personal touches—a handy helper in achieving the home you want.

Enlist help from your kids to turn a bare wall to a memory-filled lane. Kids seem to always have a fully charged battery powering them. Helping them redirect this energy into fun and productive activities such as colorful paper mosaics than can double as room décor can translate this bursting energy into creativity. They can recreate the Great Wall of China with only paper, if they want. All you need start this project are matte photo paper, instructions from Canon Creative Park, and your Canon PIXMA P200.

The PIXMA P200 is equipped with Canon’s signature Hybrid Ink System that will warrant all those moments to be printed in high quality. Like all PIXMA printers, the PIXMA P200 uses both pigment (black ink) and dye (tri-colored ink) to bring photos to life with accurate vividness and sharp details. This handy printer is available for only PHP 3,295, with low-cost, high quality inks for as low as PHP 390.

Create beautiful memories with your family and build a home with Canon PIXMA P200, a svelte unit that offers boundless possibilities and creativity in affordable, uncompromised quality.