Enjoy your own home theater with your Samsung Smart TV and Clickplay.PH

Click PlayAnother reason to enjoy staying indoors in this chilly bed weather is by watching movies in the comforts of your home. Put together a Samsung Smart TV, Clickplay.PH, microwavable popcorn, and good company, and you got yourself the perfect home theater experience.

Clickplay.PH is the country’s first and only Video-on-Demand service provider. You can think of it as the local version of Netflix. Users get to pick from over 180 different Hollywood films, and watch the latest movies at an extremely affordable rate. Samsung users can now enjoy these movie offerings on their Samsung Smart TV’s by downloading the Clickplay.PH application on their television. Clickplay.PH offers the latest titles such as The Dark Knight Rises, Wrath of the Titans, The Hobbit, and The Campaign. With titles ranging from different genres, everyone in the family is sure to find a movie they would enjoy.

So go ahead and microwave yourself some popcorn; get comfortable in your pajamas; snuggle with your loved ones and enjoy your movies on your Samsung Smart TV.