Lego to launch a wristwatch collection for adults



The Lego Group, maker of the iconic and wildly popular interlocking bricks, is set to launch a collection of wristwatches for adults after years of selling kids’ watches.

Wristwatch enthusiast Ariel Adams of A Blog to Watch wrote, “What is fun is that despite being sized (and styled) for adults (at least adults in terms of age), the LEGO [sic] watches for adults have as many fully swappable parts as the kids versions have.”

The collection is officially referred to as the Lego Watch System because pieces such as the bracelet links and bezels can be interchanged with each other in a series of colours and styles.

“The watches (produced in China) will contain Japanese quartz movements. The cases are mostly in plastic, but some are also partially aluminum or steel. The crystals are mineral glass, and the watches are water resistant from about 50 meters to 100 meters, depending on the model,” Adams added.

The Lego Watch System is expected to debut in November 2013. Prices may range from $85 to $185.

To view more designs from the Lego Watch System, click here.

Image and article via A Blog to Watch