LG to launch new line-up of Smart TVs in PH


LG is set to unveil its 2013 CINEMA 3D Smart TV lineup in the Philippines later this month. Check out some of the features of the new TVs we’ll be seeing soon!

LG has upgraded the CPUs and GPUs of its premium CINEMA 3D Smart TVs with ones that are perform much faster, thus promising clearer images that enhance the user’s viewing experience. They also come with several functions that allow users to wirelessly communicate with the TV. The SmartShare feature, for instance, lets users port content wirelessly from a mobile device to LG’s Smart TVs. LG’s new Smart TVs also feature a Tag On function that instantly enables file sharing between two devices upon holding a smartphone or any NFC-enabled device against the TV. To wirelessly stream content from any location, users can makes use of LG Cloud.

The new Smart TVs are also packed with enhanced Smart Control features, like the new Smart Home onscreen interface, which features a special folder for apps and other content called My Interest Cards. The Magic Remote has also been updated with a technology called Voice Mate to allow users to command the TV by simply using their voice.

A new function built into LG’s Smart TVs called On Now suggests trending Voice-on-Demand (VoD) and broadcast content by showing thumbnail images of the most popular content onscreen.

The new TVs also employ Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology, which uses lightweight glasses for a comfortable 3D viewing experience without the distracting flicker or crosstalk of active shutter-style glasses.

LG also threw in an enhanced design scheme for their new TVs—the bezels have been significantly reduced—plus a Magic Stand, which features a convenient swivel and roller function so that the TV can be repositioned with ease.

During the upcoming launch on the 20th, a variety of models and sizes will be on display, including LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD and 55-inch OLED TVs.