Power-generating shoe insole might be the next thing in mobile charging



We use our mobile devices so much in our daily lives that we sometimes end up draining its battery long before the day is over. I once went so far as going to a cafe’s restroom just so I could charge my mobile phone. Up to now, I am still haunted by the look the guard gave me for taking so long in there without even buying a single pastry. And I’m sure you’ve found yourself in a similar situation too.

While it’s true that we already have powerbanks to solve this demise, this new technology from SolePower is much more cooler. And can also shed you a few pounds.

SolePower is a power generating shoe insole which lets you charge portable electronics while you walk. You simply slip the SolePower into your shoe and snake the charging wire through your laces. You then plug the charging wire into a battery which you fasten around your ankle or clipped on your shoe. And from here on, you walk. The energy from your steps is converted into power that is stored in the battery. After you’ve successfully walked a few miles, you can pat yourself on the back for charging the battery which you can then plug into your mobile devices.

As of now, SolePower is still a prototype and its creators are still on the works of developing this technology. You can find out more about their project here, or help them raise funds and visit their Kickstarter.

Image and article source: Mashable