The All-New Ford EcoSport’s AC system will keep you cool


If you are a citizen of the Philippines, you know that, technically, summer in the country (or in any other tropical climate country) is an all-year round season. You may be housed in an air-conditioned room, but you can’t escape the grueling heat outside. One of the easiest ways to evade the sticky sweat from the commute is to hop into the all-new Ford EcoSport.

This Ford urban SUV’s AC system quickly disperses coolness, eliminating heat as fast as 10 minutes from starting the engine. How? You might ask. The vehicle has a climate control system that can pull the sweltering interior temperature down to under 30 degrees in just 10 minutes with air coming out of the vent  as cool as 10 degrees. And in half an hour, the in-car temperature drops to 20 degrees.

New technologies for cool comfort

The climate control system on the all-new Ford EcoSport is a new global system that is also integrated on other Ford vehicles around the world. With a cooling system that uses five sensors to measure the interior temperature, the outside temperature, the temperature of the air coming out of the vents, as well as the sun load and the direction it’s coming into the Ford EcoSport, the system automatically decides when it can dial down the fan and the cooling.

The variable compressor in this SUV reduces its internal displacement when it has cooled the cabin down, thus reducing the amount of power it needs to draw from the engine. Other technologies include the latest internal Heat Exchange technology, which increases cooling performance and is complemented by superior joint fittings in the air-conditioning lines to virtually eliminate refrigerant leakage.

“The system is designed to cool down the vehicle very fast at maximum fan and air velocity. This performance allows you to reduce the blower fan speed (and airflow) quicker and allow the customer to maintain comfort in a quieter environment,” said Paul Merlo, climate control supervisor, Ford South America.

A weatherproof SUV


To ensure the Ford EcoSport’s climate control system can handle all weather conditions, it was tested in temperatures form -20 to 50 degrees, from snow to desert conditions, and at humidity levels between 15 and 90 percent. It also went through at least 1,000 hours of testing in the climatic wind tunnel in Dearborn.


“At the end of the day, people just want to get comfortable in their vehicle as fast as possible,” said Merlo. “The all-new Ford EcoSport gets the cabin temperature to where the customers want in a quick, effective and more importantly, a fuel-economical way.”

The All-New Ford EcoSport in the Philippines

“We share in the excitement of our customers with the deliveries of the all-new EcoSport.  This fun-to-drive urban SUV will be the perfect companion of Filipinos as they go around the city and nearby provinces this summer break,” said Kay Hart, managing director, Ford Philippines.

The all-new, versatile  EcoSport is available at all Ford dealerships nationwide.