We go out in the open with Hillarie Parungao in GADGETS Magazine’s Outdoor Issue!


Hillarie walked in on the set, all smiles and dead-set to work it. By the time we got outside, Hillarie immediately started hopping, dancing and playing around—you could tell how much she loved being outdoors and in the company of others.

Hillarie is exactly what you would see in the outtakes—bold, confident, fun-loving. She finds joy in discovering things that are fun and novel, which is why she adores her job. To her, modeling is an adventure, and she sees herself as an adventurer. “Absolutely! I’d say yes to practically anything,” she exclaimed. “Even if I’m not sure if I can actually do it, I tell myself that I can. I like taking risks,” she said with excitement in her eyes.

In the course of her professional modeling career so far, she was already able to meet loads of people and venture into unfamiliar turf—outdoor activities included. “Thanks to my modeling career, I learned how to scuba dive, hike and raft,” she eagerly told us. “All those extreme sports that I never imagined I would do, I was able to experience because of the modeling stints I got.”

Despite being a model by profession and having tried a lot of outdoor activities, Hillarie sheepishly admits that she hardly works out (“Well, dancing is exercise, isn’t it?” she giggled). “A lot of people would think that I watch what I eat and constantly head to the gym since I’m into modeling, although that’s not the actual case,” she said guiltily. “But this year, I plan to change that and be more health-conscious.” Hillarie recognizes the importance of being fit and is determined to be more sensitive to her body’s condition this time around. “In the modeling world, you have to take care of your body. Lucky for me, even if I eat a lot and rarely exercise, I don’t bloat. But being fit isn’t just about the physical aspect. It’s firstly a health issue. You wouldn’t want to die early because you didn’t take care of your body, would you?”

Read the full article and see Hillarie’s photos in Gadgets Magazine’s March 2013 release—the Outdoor Issue.