We’ve got something up out sleeve for next month’s Bullet Points. (The pic makes sense, we promise.)


Ok, maybe not exactly up our sleeves, but if you’re looking for a great possible Christmas gift for yourself or a gun-toting special someone, you’re going to want to take a quick look at the November Bullet Points. It’s an integral part of any carry kit, and something every pistol owner should own. I know the picture might not seem like much, but scroll down a bit more and see what it’s about.


That is a full-sized pistol (a Glock 17 to be exact) that I am carrying IWB. But wait, it gets bigger! The Glock also has a Streamlight TLR2S on the front rail. It is a massive kit, and I am a small guy at 5’4 and 135 soaking wet, with a 30″ waist. As you can see in the top pic, the Glock completely disappears. Again, the pistol is about 8 inches long and 5 and a half inches high. If you want to see how we managed it, you’ll have to wait a bit. We’ve got it cooking. Check back in a week or two!