GuavaPass: Fitness Classes for Every Tom, Dick, and Harry

Keeping fit in this day and age is easy with the many new, awesome activities that are meant to make you sweat. With various choices now available to the everyman (or woman), every day is a chance to try out new ways to lose unwanted pounds. Now, where do you start?

First, determine what type of exercise is for you; do not just waltz in to something you think would make you look cool, but take on exercises that would actually work for you. Next, scour the web for fitness centers and their locations. You would want a location you can get to easily so you don’t get lazy. When you’ve got that figured out, what comes after is learning the rates and conditions for classes. That’s a lot of work.

Fitness platform, GuavaPass, lets you discover, and browse through a thoroughly curated roster of fitness classes all in one convenient app. Having partnered with the best fitness studios in Manila (and across Asia), GuavaPass is your gateway to an unlimited variety of classes from yoga, cross functional training, pilates, Crossfit, dance, muay thai, kickboxing, and more just when the thought of exercising hovers around your subconscious.

Book classes on the go
Instead of being constrained by pricey gym membership contracts, GuavaPass offers a monthly membership for access to some of the best fitness classes in Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. After providing personal information during sign up, members will have instant access to a variety of fitness classes displayed in real time.

For a sticker price of PHP 2,999 per billing cycle, you can enjoy 30 days of access to partner fitness facilities in the Philippines and in countries where GuavaPass is available, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai. As an intercity pass, you can stay fit even when exploring a foreign land, just by updating your current location. If for any reason you want to stop the service, you can cancel your membership at any time before the beginning of your next billing cycle, with no penalties or fees for cancelling your account.

Once you’re a registered GuavaPass user, you can book or reserve any class during that day or any other day as long as it’s shown in the Browse Classes tab. The app will show you the schedule of classes for the day, class durations, and their locations. Clicking on a specific class will show you an overview of the exercise, the studio’s contact details, along with a link to its personal website, a map with its exact location, and amenities available for use. Registration for a class opens at least 10 days before the class, so you can better organize your fitness plan.

Policies you have to take note of
Is there a set limit for classes I can take each membership cycle? As indicated in the GuavaPass website, maximum class limits vary from studio to studio. Some will allow you in to at least three classes per membership cycle, some more than three. What if I’m late for a class? If you come in past the class start time, the studio may choose not to let you participate. In this unfortunate event, you will incur a no show fee of PHP 400, and one class will be deducted from your class limit for the billing cycle.

The reason behind this is most studios begin class with warm up exercises to prevent injuries and distraction. But if you can no longer make it to a class, you can always cancel your booking 12 hours before a scheduled class; this is so the studio can open your slot to other people.

Current GuavaPass studio partners
In Manila, you can choose from the different and exciting fitness routines by the following GuavaPass partners:

360 Fitness
Bikram Yoga Manila
Beast House
Beyond Yoga
CrossFit MNL
Elorde Boxing
Flying Trapeze
Focus Athletics
HIIT Philippines
Lift Hard
Ninja Academy
Polecats Manila
Plana Forma
Platinum Executive Fitness
Primal Ape Crossfit
Saddle Row
Sante Impact System
Ultimate Fitness
Urban Ashram Yoga

With the many exercise regimes made available in the market today, GuavaPass helps you choose what’s best for you.

Also published in March Issue 2016

Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos