Road Trip Gear

Unless you’re aiming to go back to your caveman roots, packing the right gear on your road trip is essential to a can’t-be-beat vacation.  No matter where you’re headed, whether down to the beach, through a forest, into a cave, or up a mountain, you’re going to need devices and accessories that range from boredom fighters, to moment captors, and even to survival knickknacks. If you’ve no idea what to pack, here’s what the Gadgets team brought to Pangasinan.

1) Liquid Image Ego

An egg-sized action cam for all your big moments.

2) Braven BRV-PRO

Take your music anywhere with this rugged Bluetooth speaker.

3) Lotto Tonga Thong VI Slides

Let these flip flops take your feet on a vacation.

4) CW-X Conditioning Ventilator Tri-Top

Keeps you dry and cool throughout your nature excursions.

5) CW-X Pro Tri-Shorts

Go the distance with these snug compression bottoms.

6) Gilas Pilipinas Jacket

This elegant and sporty jacket will help
fend the cold off.
7) Cherry Mobile Action Camera

Capture epic stunts without breaking the bank.

8) Starmobile Knight Spectra

Forgot your camera at home? The Knight Spectra’s got your back.

9) Lenovo Vibe S1

Dual front cameras mean better vanity shots.

10) Canon PowerShot G7 X

Enthusiast grade specs in a compact body.

11) Lifemate Apollo II

Easily harness the sun’s power for your devices.

12) Lifemate Power Bear

12,000 mAh of juice in an everything-proof body.
13) OtterBox Achiever Series Everyday Pouch

Slip your phone in and confidently brave the elements.

14) OtterBox Watershot Housing

Take your iPhone’s photography prowess underwater.

15&16) OtterBox Symmetry and Achiever Series

Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, these phone cases will protect its every nook and cranny.

17) Blue Ant Pump Mini

Listen to your beats without tangling yourself in wires.

18) FuelBelt Helium H3O

The hydration goodness of three water bottles around your waist.

19) WD My Passport Wireless

Blending the perks of wireless external storage with the convenience of easy file backups.

20) Runnr Ballers

Just in case people don’t know that you run.

21) Lotto Xride Cross Training Shoes

Lace up. It’s not too late for that summer body.
22) Runnr Socks

Running sucks? Not with these Runnr socks.

23) Runnr Shirt

Comfy and lightweight for a cushy roadtrip.

24) AQ Sports Armband

Support and protect your arms from nicks and scratches.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE April 2016 Issue.