Wellness: Polarity Physiotherapy Center

Looking for ways to pamper your tired body and relieve sore muscles? A quick trip to the spa for a healing massage could do your body wonders, but it can also leave you feeling more sore.

No matter the activity you are in to, striving for optimal health must always come first. The best weapon of the world’s greatest athletes are their well-maintained bodies.

Achieving this physical state is no easy task. It requires discipline, diligence, and having the right people to keep your body in tip top shape. Do you know there’s also a kind of therapy to take you there?

Manual physiotherapy is a specialized form of physical therapy able to take your body and health to new heights by mobilizing your joints and soft tissues for an improved performance. Polarity Physiotherapy Center is no ordinary spa. This premiere physical rehabilitation, functional training, and wellness facility offers advanced manual physiotherapy and myofascial release for athletes to everyday warriors in search for relief from pain, recovery from injury, and improvement of physical condition. It is also the perfect place for those taking their first steps to a more healthy way of living.

Polarity is proud of its physiotherapy team which consists of well-trained, skilled,and PRC-licensed physical therapists. They specialize in facets of physical rehabilitation through exercise, manual therapy, muscle and fascia manipulation, muscle release techniques, functional exercise and training, and specific conditioning.

This hub offers varied wellness services under one roof.

1. Myofascial Release (MFR)
An effective hands-on therapy which can directly change and improve health of the fascia. The purpose of MFR is to break down scar tissue, relax the muscle and myofascia, and restore good posture. MFR techniques focus on relaxing the deep tissue of the body providing lasting and effective relief to the patient. It uses slow and sometimes deep pressure to restore the proper health of the fascia.

2. Physiotherapy
A science-based profession and takes a ‘whole person’ approach to health and well being, which includes the patient’s general lifestyle. At the core is the patient’s involvement in this journey to wellness.

Polarity Prehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center is the first and only center that caters to the prehabilitation and physiotherapy needs of many Filipinos. If you’re after specialized training and wellness programs based on your health goals and physical fitness level, this hub has you covered.

The center is located at 47 Examiner St. Quezon City. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/PolarityPhysiotherapyCenter.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE April 2017 Issue.