ARKit: Spotting your Friends during Concerts

Apple’s ARKit never fails to impress. Even when  apps made by tool have yet to make a debut in the Appstore, quick previews and demos provide us with a glimpse of  impressive AR possibilities. Joining the plethora of ARKit uses is Neon, the soon to be available application that can help you spot your friends during events.

Nobody likes getting lost, and absolutely no one enjoys receiving long descriptive phone calls attempting to explain where their friends are in the crowded sea of people.  There’s a time and place to play Where’s Waldo amongst your friends, but that time is definitely not during concerts, or crowded events.

Eliminating the need to waste minutes looking for your friends in crowded places, David Urbina, an iOS developer, is  creating an application that enables you to effortlessly spot your friends using augmented reality. In all AR glory, the upcoming app, dubbed “Neon” is set to change the way you’ll be  looking  for your friends.

A demo video circulating on YouTube gives a glimpse of what the technology can do. And like all other Apps created by ARKit, it comes off as extremely impressive. And soon, you’ll be able to try it out too. Rather than forcing you to buy separate AR technologies, apps built by ARKit will be made available to users with iDevices equipped with the A9 chip, or newer, starting this fall, when iOS 11 rolls out.

You’d have to see the the demo video for yourself  to fully appreciate what it can do. Here it is:

For more information on Neon and beta testing, users can visit or follow @neonapp on Twitter.