Shooting 360-Degree Photos Directly from Facebook

Since the last week of August, Facebook has been pushing updates to its mobile application to allow users to directly shoot 360-degree images directly from their app. As the update is now widely available across different countries through  the Appstore and Playstore, everyone is welcome to partake in the creation of photos using the immersive media format.

360-degree photos and videos aren’t new to Facebook. The social media behemoth has been a wide supported of such, and has been  allowing content creators to upload their 360-degree photos and videos for the public to see since last year.  With the immersive and unique experience the content format provides,  it’s easy to see its appeal. We’ve seen 360-degree ads from Samsung, Nestle, Nickelodeon, and more,  as well as various news coverages that provide immersive views on events. Beyond ads and entertainment, these 360-degree photos and videos have enabled news entities to transport the ordinary social media user to war conflicted countries, and what not. The media format definitely has its value, and now, it’s only bound to get better.

Located in the section of the app where you update your status, users can now freely capture their photos in 360-degree format directly from the app. Like any other photo uploaded, it likewise allows users to tag their friends, zoom at the photo, and additionally use the 360-degree image as their cover photo.

If you’re curious about shooting your first 360-degree photo via facebook, here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Facebook application, go to your news feed, and tap the on the area where you update your status. Scroll down and click on the “360 Photo” text. This will open the 360-degree camera

Step 2: Press the blue button, and start capturing your surroundings as you would when capturing a panoramic photo. For guidance, there’s a path you’re provided with.

Step 3: Choose the portion of the photo that will serve as your viewers starting point. After that, you’re all done!