A very important lesson in Cover vs Concealment

Most peoples’ experience regarding firearms is, sadly, derived from movies and TV shows. In that world, any solid piece of, well, anything, is a safe barrier between you and speeding bullets. Heaven forbid that an actual firefight erupt around you though, a car might not be the best place to seek cover. As the video below demonstrates, cars are more concealment, which keeps the baddie from seeing you, than actual cover, which stops bullets from being violently included into your next x-ray.

The video shows rounds ranging from 9mm to 5.56 going through various parts of a car. The results, if you’re a big fan of dummy rights, are not pretty. The moral of this story, friends, is that if you need cover, a car likely isn’t your best bet. Go for solid steel or concrete. Should there be none available, put the engine block between you and the assailant. Failing that, you could try for putting the wheels between you and the barrel.

video via uscmCorps