Bulletpoints: Suppressing a pistol with a pillow

Chances are, you’ve seen a movie, TV show or some work of fiction where the main character, in a bid to keep the clandestine nature of his mission secure, grabbed a pillow to muffle the sound of his or her pistol. Pressed against the muzzle of the weapon, the pistol makes a sound not much louder than a mouse landing on a mattress, and the hero can sneak along undetected.

A gunshot is noisy because of a few things, not the least of which are the expanding hot gasses forming a huge, angry shockwave outwards behind the bullet. Normally, suppressors take these hot gasses and keep them contained long enough to slow them down, dropping the sound signature significantly enough to make discerning the location of the shooter difficult at range. Logically, a pillow should have a similar effect. If you aren’t convinced, try grabbing the nearest pillow, burying your face in it and screaming.

Still, movies and TV shows are mostly made to entertain, and not necessarily educate, so many people are left believing that a nice cushy pillow would make an excellent suppressor. Jerry Miculek, the same man behind this impressive 200-yd pistol shot, has taken it upon himself to see just how this DIY suppressor is. Please don’t try this at home, unless you are absolutely insane, or really like sweeping up feathers.