So you think you’re fast? We’re willing to wager you’re not this fast


Jerry Miculek, whose amazing pistolwork we have featured a few times in the past, is at it again. Personally, I have never been a fan of revolvers, since we don’t have one at home, so I lack practice and always always trip up the reloads. I’m way safer carrying a semi-auto.

In this video, gerry shoots an S&W 929 in 9mm, performs a speed reload with a speedloader, and gets back on target, nailing it with 16 shots in 4 seconds. If you had dropped a cookie on the floor, you would have had enough time to pick it up and eat it without breaking the five-second rule. It’s an amazing feat of pistolcraft, and something I will never ever manage. The most amazing part of the video is at about the 4:08 mark where you see the speed reload in slow motion. Trust me, it’s beautiful.