Taurus announces the Curve, has us oddly fascinated


Nature doesn’t generally feature straight lines. As such, straight, box-shaped don’t normally go with organic ones. As anyone who has carried concealed can tell you, a firearm isn’t all that much fun to keep tucked close to your person. No matter how well your piece has been de-horned or how nice a beavertail you have on, edges tend to dig uncomfortably after a while.


Taurus has taken a particularly novel approach to address the problem in the form of a fascinating design solution: a curved pistol. The Taurus Curve. As the name implies, the Curve is, well, curved in a way that allows it to more naturally hug the human form when carried in the waistband, at least if you’re a righty.

To better facilitate carry, it also comes devoid of sights that may snag, and with edges that are very dramatically radiused. Just looking at it, you can tell it’s probably a dream to carry.

Aiming on the polymer pistol can be done with the help of crosshair lines on the rear of the slide, or via the integrated light/laser on the front. It comes in. 380 ACP, and is shaped in such a way that when it prints against clothing, makes it look no more harmless than a smartphone. It’s a pretty simple, clever piece of engineering, and something we’re hoping makes its way to our shores.