The science behind shooting sideways

Whenever you catch a gunfight on TV or a movie, it’s likely one or two thugs on the screen shoot their handgun turned all the way to the side, as opposed to vertically, the way it was intended. Not really one to shoot that way myself, I’m not too sure as to how effective it is, but fortunately, through the Internet, we’ve got a world-class shooter in the person of Jerry Miculek, with YouTube firearms star Iraqveteran8888 to test that same shooting position against the more conventional two-handed isosceles.

It’s actually pretty interesting to see what’s going on, particularly when they start going completely off-tangent and take shots in even more unorthodox positions, though they do prove a point on fundamentals later on near the end of the video. There are fundamentals that carry over regardless of what shooting position you end up in, and if you have enough of them down solid, you might actually be able to hit what you intend to. As a practical form of shooting, however, turning your pistol sideways not only prevents you from using your support hand, it also blocks a significant part of your view of the field, which could prove detrimental to your success in the engagement in which you might find yourself. It’s an interesting, entertaining video to watch, so hit play if you have about 15 minutes to spare.