AIM to Host First-ever Graduate Data Science Degree Program in the Philippines

L-R: Prof. Matthew Escobido, Academic Program Director, Master of Science in Innovation and Business, Prof. Maya Herrera, Academic Program Director, Master in Entrepreneurship, Prof. Erika Legara, Academic Program Director, Master of Science in Data Science, Dr. Jikyeong Kang, AIM President and Dean, Prof. Chris Monterola, Head, School of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship

In the world of digitization, data stands as the ultimate catalyst for sustainable businesses and societies. Recognizing the crucial value of data, AIM has launched the Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) program, the first-ever data science graduate degree program in the country.

AIM’s prestige program is the institute response to the demand for one of the most integral and most sought-after specializations. The pioneering MSDS batch will begin their curriculum in March of next year and will undergo a rigorous 14-month-long program compromised of 10 core data science modules, a minimum of four business management modules, two electives, and a concluding project to exercise professional skill. “This is our most thought-through, most intelligent, and most appropriate response to prepare for the changes and challenges digitalization throws at us,” said Jikyeong Kang president and dean of AIM.

Designed to be holistic, the MS in Data Science curriculum will immerse students in advanced data analytics and technologies. Specially crafted by renowned data scientists and international practitioners, it will likewise enable students to learn from the experts themselves, especially in the area of solving complex dataset problems in the field of research and business.

The program aims to produce data competent individuals capable of leading data-driven initiatives across different industries. “Data science cuts across industries, and the MSDS program AIM offers is strongly tied to the Insitute’s business and management modules,” said Erika Legara, Academic Program director for MSDS. Further stressing on the point, Legara said that the program aims to produce a battalion of competent data scientists fit for today’s data-driven world.

Alongside the MSDS program, AIM also launched the School of Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (SITE). Trends are always changing, thus, the end goal of the school is to produce versatile students who can readily adapt to today’s tomorrow’s setting. “SITE is where innovators, data scientists, and entrepreneurs become future-ready leaders. They will be comfortable with uncertainty, adept at handling multifaceted issues and be confident about executing decisions in a rapidly evolving environment,” said Christopher Monterola, head of SITE at AIM. Under SITE are three programs: Masters in Entrepreneurship, Master of Science and Innovation and Business, and Master of Science in Data Science.

Applications are currently open. To learn more about the SITE programs, kindly visit