AMA Online Education Provides Next-Level Learning

AMA Online Education is a learning platform that offers full degrees and short courses to help professionals seeking more knowledge progress in their current careers and earn new skills.

Realizing the opportunities available in the world of Information Technology, Nicole Louise Deyro enrolled herself in AMA Online Education’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program. Deyro is among the first batch of students to graduate from AMA Online Education. She completed her BSIT degree in May 2017 after just one year and nine months.

AMA Online Education graduate, Nicole Deyro.

“The rise of innovative technologies encouraged me to pursue a degree in Information Technology. Looking at the world today and the role technology has played in making our daily lives easier have inspired me to aspire for a career in this field so that I may contribute to the next generation. I chose AMA OEd because of its reputation in delivering quality education in the field of IT and computer science,” said Deyro.

After earning significant professional experience from years as a pre-school teacher in Japan, Nicole felt it was time to pursue bigger dreams, and a second degree was the first step towards that. AMA Online Education enabled her to combine next-level learning with her primary responsibilities as a pre-school teacher.

“I am very grateful for AMA OEd because it allowed me to pursue further studies without the need to immediately give up my job in Japan. The platform is not only very accessible, it provides flexibility. You can study anytime and anywhere as long as there is internet connection. I used idle moments such as commuting to work, travelling for vacation, or waiting in line to study and take exams. My downtime work was used to keep up with school as well,” shared Deyro.

While not a full-time IT professional yet, Deyro admitted that the skills she learned while completing her degree proved to be useful in her role as a pre-school teacher. Deyro reflected, “Studying in AMA helped me with my strategies as a pre-school teacher. Being a student and a teacher at the same time taught me new approaches in teaching that helped my students in learning lessons better and faster.”

Studying online while teaching tots was challenging even for strong-willed Deyro. “I found myself frustrated over the difficulty of certain tasks but I never gave up. I believed in myself and remained patient and persevering, knowing that I will be able to overcome anything that comes my way. This is what’s important, because this is what the real world is about. I am certain the values I’ve learned will help me achieve my goal of becoming an IT professional,” she said.

AMA Online Education encourages individuals to be eager to learn and continuously improve as new learnings will help keep them ahead of the curve.