Everything Apple: Great Expectations


Apple is known for its innovation, style and for its instinct to pack the right combination of features into their devices for a great user experience. Without Steve Jobs at the helm,many have speculated that Apple may not be as dynamic,but as presentations during the recent WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference in California) proved,Apple is not backing down on its mission-here’s the text from the 90-second mission statement called “Intention”:

Apple 3

So what can we expect from Apple in the coming months?

Apple 2


To be released with iOS 7, iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device and the experience with your car’s in-dash system.With iOS in the Car, you can access your iPhone 5 using your car’s built-in display and controls or Siri Eyes Free, so you can safely make phone calls,play music,send and receive messages, get directions, and much more.

A piece of good news for business people who prefer to use Apple devices on the go, but have a PC workstation in the office,is the introduction of iWork for iCloud,which enables iOS users to continue working on iWork documents in the browser on their PC. Now you can confidently create great presentations on Keynote,write all documents on Pages,and update worksheets on Numbers whether you are on your iOS device or working on your PC.

Apple 1


Apple still believes that great user experiences are those delivered via native app software rather than through a web browser.This is why Apple will continue to develop and update apps such as iBooks, Calendar and Maps-1 don’t think this is because they want to keep people away from Google,but they just believe (as I do) that native experiences are more superior.

Another issue clarified during the WWDC was Apple’s stand on providing its developers with the platform where they could do wild experiments or”moon shots:’ Highlighting this opportunity for developers invites more players to do experimental things on iOS,so we could expect exciting and creative new apps in the future.


Jony lve has been the creative brain behind Apple for many years. His vision to seamlessly integrate hardware with the software interface is something exciting to look forward to.The new user interface considers the phone as a singular object,universally governing the hardware and software.The design changes in the Ul will surely revolutionize how we work and play with our iOS devices in the future.


Words by Presy Alba
First published in Gadgets Magazine, August 2013