Blizzard announces open beta for Hearthstone

hearthstone logo

After months in closed beta, Blizzard has finally announced its plans to make its digital card game, Hearthstone, available to everyone. Currently, the game is already playable in North American server and will be open worldwide in the next few days.

The game elements of Hearthstone are based on Blizzard’s popular RPG, World of WarcraftHearthstone’s gameplay can be compared to Magic: The Gathering where players take turns to outwit each other using their card sets. Normally, one game would last for 10 minutes or so where each of the players control one out the nine heroes you can play in-game. Each turn, players earn mana, which can be spent to play the cards you have (a new card is drawn in the deck each succeeding round).

Despite the free-to-play attribute of the game, players can still make in-app purchases to boost their deck.

Hearthstone is available on PC and Mac via download and only requires a free account to play.