Heihachi’s reign ends in Tekken 7

tekken7headerEarlier at Comic-con today, Tekken series producer and game director Katsuo Harada talked about the latest Tekken franchise and its storyline.

According to Polygon’s report, Tekken 7 will conclude the end to the Mishima Clan saga. Harada said that the game will have a “very detailed background story” which means a lot of unanswered mysteries from the game’s plot will be addressed.

Here is the trailer for Tekkken 7. Narrating the trailer is Kazumi, Heihachi’s late wife and Kazuya’s mother.

Tekken 7 will feature designs from renowned artists including Mari Shimazaki stylist of Bayonetta and Yusuke Kozaki of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Source: http://www.polygon.com/2014/7/25/5937563/tekken-7-details-namco-bandai-harada-comic-con