InterServ launches Heroes of the Dungeon beta

Taiwanese mobile gaming company InterServ International released a second Beta version for its dungeon-crawling RPG Heroes of the Dungeon last August 23.

The game features a single player campaign with 150 stages, four single player modes, and six multiplayer modes including a MOBA mode.

The game features a MOBA mode for multiplayer.
The game features a MOBA mode for multiplayer.

It also features 20 heroes to choose from which the company claims is the largest roster of characters for a mobile RPG game. The company has plans on adding more for both down the game’s lifespan.

InterServ promises the game to be a vast adventure with fluid gameplay spanning a continent divided into four kingdoms and plenty of variation for heroes, skills and weaponry.

The full game is scheduled to be released in October 2016 for both Android and iOS.