New and Exciting Features on the Upcoming PlayStation 4 System Update 1.70


The upcoming PlayStation 4 system update 1.70 has got to be one of the most anticipated ones, since Sony had released a statement saying that the new update will now allow PlayStation 4 owners to pre-load games ahead of release.

Pre-loading games enables the players to download digital game copies that they have pre-ordered prior to its release, therefore making it available for play even before it hits the local market.

In another hand, Sony will also be adding a new video editor app called SHAREfactory, which will allow the users to edit their captured footage. The said app will have other functions such as trimming or cutting in-game clips, adding text, stickers, and even add video commentaries via the PlayStation Camera. Moreover, it will also allow users to import your own music to your recorded game videos.

Thru SHAREfactory, players can also export your videos directly to their USB drive once they’re done with their video. Sony also added that they will be removing the PlayStation 4’s HDCP block, which means that users can now record in-game videos directly from their HDMI output.