Stop the presses. Summoner Wars is now available for Android devices




There has, of late, been something in the resurgence in the popularity of analog gaming. Card-floppers and dice-chuckers have had many boardgames from which to choose,  adding a little more excitement to the usual monotony of Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, and Clue we’re all used to.

Once in a rare time, though, everything lines up, and boardgame geeks get digital versions of their favorite pieces of colored cardboard. The starts have recently aligned again. The popular, highly-rated Summoner Wars has made the jump from analog to digital, retaining basically everything that makes the game so engaging. The Digital version, put together by Playdek, Inc, keeps the same card-based format, factions, and units and makes online, offline, and cross-platform multiplayer available for Android devices.

Those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing the hard version of the game can get get a taste of the unique cards-and-board play of the game via a simple tutorial that gets you in to playing form in a few short minutes.


There’s a price for admission though. While the app itself is free, the decks you need to actually play the game are available for a fee of about USD .99/ about PHP 40 for each of the factions individually, or USD 7.99/PHP 350 (approximately). It’s a great game though, and if you’re looking to kill some serious time while on the road with your Android device, this is a great way to go about it.


Check the game out HERE and get playing. You won’t regret it.