Home: Krave Multimedia Sound Bar


Billed as an innovative home theatre solution, the Krave Multimedia Sound bar allows you to quickly set up your very own multi-media center with the least hassle and at a very attractive price point.
At first glance, this is a deceptively simple device, consisting of a single black bar that you can conveniently wall-mount or position beside your television set. Turn it over and you’ll see from the multitude of input/output ports that this sleek bar is not just a speaker system, but a sophisticated multimedia device you’ll be proud to have as the centerpiece of your home entertainment system.
First, it’s a fuii-HD player with support for all kinds of TVs as well as video monitors and projectors. It has multiple HDMI, RCA, Y/Pb/PrVideo ports for a variety of devices, such as your cable TV digibox, gaming console, and DVD/Biu-Ray player. Two USB 3.0 ports and an SD card slot also accommodate external storage devices. It can play virtually all video formats, and claims to be firmware upgradeable so it can be easily reconfigured to accommodate future developments.

With an external drive attached, the Krave Soundbar can also function as a digital video recorder, which you can program to record TV shows so you never need to miss a single episode of your favorite teleserye. In addition to the built-in speakers, it comes with an external subwoofer to give your audio that extra oomph. Built-in amplifiers on this 2.1 speaker system provide digital theater system (DTS) support so you’ll be able to enjoy virtually all types of audio formats. Pre-programmed equalizer settings give you several options for your listening pleasure.
Another value-added feature of the Krave Soundbar is its iPhone/iPod dock that you can also use as a charger. Additionally, an aux-in port conveniently lets you plug in other music players. Finally, with its internet functionality, you don’t need to shell out your hard-earned cash on a new Smart TV. The Krave Sound bar allows you to access your favorite internet sites, such as You Tube
for video, CNN or BBC for news, and Shoutcast for radio streaming. Its 10/1 00/1 OOOMbps LAN port lets you connect to your home network, or you
can use an optional USB Wi-Fi dongle for wireless connectivity.
If you’re an audio-video enthusiast looking for something to splurge on, you can’t go wrong with the Krave Multimedia Sound bar.

First published in Gadgets Magazine February 2013