Samsung launches digital appliances perfect for the Filipino home


The home is a safe place where families are meant to be happy, safe, and comfortable. Our tropical climate, however, doesn’t always agree. The sweltering heat and driving rain both conspire to make home life a little less than perfect sometimes. Couple this with a busy schedule, and you have the recipe for a little trouble in paradise.

To solve all these problems, Samsung takes technology and harnesses it to the benefit of home dwellers everywhere. Their latest products, the Smart Air Conditioner, Food Showcase Refrigerator, Front Load Washing Machine and Samsung Smart Oven all bring convenience and comfort to your home.


Be Cool

The Smart Air Conditioner brings a number of innovations over other similar split-type AC units on the market today. Its carefully-engineered triangle design allows for bigger fans within a more compact body. This design allows it to circulate cool air faster, farther, and wider, while maintaining a sleek look.

The Smart Air Conditioner is also equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, which allows the unit to maintain the desired temperature without frequently switching on and off, letting you stay comfortable and still remain cool despite the intense tropical weather. The technology allows power savings of up to 60 percent over conventional air conditioners.

The Air Conditioner also offers Samsung’s Virus Doctor technology, which removes and neutralizes harmful airborne contaminants, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.


The best show in the house

Samsung’s Food Showcase Refrigerator is an innovative new spin on the home ice box. The Food Showcase fridge looks from the outside, to be a regular side-by-side fridge and freezer. The fridge section however, houses a clever little secret. The top part of the fridge door handle gives access to the large interior space of the appliance, much like any other refrigerator. Pull on the lower half of the door handle, though, and you open the fridge to reveal a display case-style set of shelves and storage spaces that give easy access to drinks, snacks, and other little foodie odds and ends, keeping more cold air in, and saving you the hassle of digging through the whole fridge to find a single juice box for the kids.

This refrigerator is also equipped with Samsung’s trademark Digital Inverter Technology. This means that the refrigerator utilizes the same smart technology that allows it to adjust its temperature accordingly. Thus, no unnecessary energy is consumed, making this an efficient and cost-effective appliance.

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Let’s talk dirty

Along with oppressive heat, our country is blessed with torrential rains. This leads to muddy feet, soiled clothes and a general mess that needs a lot of seeing to. Normally, this would have you looking through clothes, spot-treating stains, measuring out detergent and taking special care to select the appropriate time and cycle. Samsung’s Front Load Washing Machine takes out all the hassle, and leaves you with clean, fresh clothes that are as good as the day you took them home.

It makes use of Samsung’s own Eco Bubble Technology that allows powerful cleaning in cold water. The Eco Bubble allows for easy cleaning by completely dissolving detergent even with cold water producing fine foam that easily penetrates the fabric for both effective and gentle, cutting the time, effort, and energy needed in doing this task.

This front-loader also comes with a pre-programmed Stain Away Program. Cycle was designed to deal with the 12 most common types of stains: blood, cocoa, sebum, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, pencil lead, mud, makeup, lipstick, and grass. It does all this with less noise, less vibration, and more performance than an ordinary washing machine. And of course, it is outfitted with the Digital Inverter Technology, guaranteeing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Cook up a storm

Samsung’s Smart Oven comes with huge set of cooking settings that give you the most versatile kitchen experience possible. There are settings for making your own yogurt, proofing dough, and a special Slimfry option that makes food come out both tasty and good for you.

The Slimfry option lets you get your food nice and crispy, without the need for oil, locking the flavor in, and keeping your family healthy.

Its premium sensors allows it identify a food’s surface temperature, so whether it is frozen, chilled, or fresh, it can adjust its heat accordingly so you do not have to worry about overcooking or undercooking your meals. This makes it a great addition to any household.