Music Corner: Music On the Go

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Vacation may be nearing its end, but for pseudo-adventurous geeks like us, the summer experience is never over until we set off on an exciting trip on the open road. We spend loads of time in preparation for the perfect voyage, and what spells perfection better than cruising in your vehicle with your favorite album or playlist booming through the speakers? It’s always good to have your music with you when you’re on a trip, which is why in this month’s Music Corner, we give you a quick list of things you might want to pack in your ruck to take your music out on the road.

Music Player

Although many smartphones and feature phones have built-in music players and a microSD card slot for storage expansion, it’s always best to have a dedicated device for streaming music, like an MP3 player. This preserves your phone’s battery, which you will direly need in case of an emergency during the trip.

Audio Jack or Bluetooth Adapter

An MP3 player can be used both for personal listening and collective listening, so if you want the entire population of the vehicle to listen to the playlist you’ve prepared, an audio jack that connects your music player to the vehicle’s sound system will definitely come in handy. If the car supports a Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to stream your music directly from your musicplaying device if it has Bluetooth, or via a compatible Bluetooth adapter if it doesn’t. With these accessories, you’ll be able to blast your tunes through the car speakers loud enough for everyone to hear.


If you’re not up to listening to the Bieber tracks that your traveling companions apparently enjoy and haven’t been getting enough of for the last couple of hours, a nice, snug pair of earphones in your pack might come in handy. This way, you’ll be able to tune out the car’s speakers and relish the ride listening to the music that you actually enjoy.

Bluetooth Headphones

Fumbling with wires is a taxing experience, especially when you’re trying so hard to feel cozy inside a car full of people. Wires connecting one device to another can be very limiting, which is why you might want to bring along a Bluetooth headset so that you can keep an ear on your music no matter how unruly and uncomfortable things get inside the vehicle.

Protective Cases

Say you’re headed to the beach and you want to bring your MP3 player or mobile device along with you so you can listen to your favorite summer album while you bask in the sun. A waterproof case will definitely keep your music player nice and dry so you won’t have to worry about keeping the shore-side splashes away from your dear device. The same goes for ruggedized cases that keep your device safe from the perils of blows and drops that you may encounter along the way.

Mobile Charger

You will definitely need one of these babies when you want to take your music along with you on the open road. A music player-whether it’s a dedicated MP3 player or a mobile device-will run out of battery after five to six hours of constant use. If you want to enjoy non-stop feel-good music during long trips, a mobile charger will help you juice up your music player for continuous play.

Don’t forget to pack your favorite songs, albums and artists (and probably an on-the-road playlist as well) in your music player to turn your summer road trip from a mere long drive into an absolutely gratifying musical adventure.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, May 2013

Words by Racine Anne Castro