Petron Offers Complete Change Oil Value Packages

In a bid to be more responsive to customer needs, Petron Corporation, the country’s leading oil company, recently introduced its Complete Change Oil Value Packages. Initially available only in selected Metro Manila stations, the value packages offer standard and discounted pricing for a complete change oil service inclusive of engine oil, oil filter and labor charges.

For gasoline engines, the value packages include 4 liters of Petron Ultron, which come in four variants: Race, Rallye, Touring and Extra.

Petron Ultron Race is the ultimate performance, synthetic engine oil with 5W-40 viscosity grade for supreme protection of high-performance engines. Petron Ultron Rallye is a multi-grade semi-synthetic engine oil that contributes to reduced fuel consumption and extended oil drain intervals.

Petron Ultron Touring is a universal multi-grade gasoline engine oil that gives superior anti-wear protection while keeping the engine clean from sludge, rust and deposits. Petron Ultron Extra is a multi-grade engine oil for gasoline engines used in moderate operating conditions such as passenger cars.

The Petron Ultron Complete Change Oil Value Packages are priced at Php 2,499 for Race; Php 1,499 for Rallye; Php 1,049 for Touring; and Php 849 for Extra.

Diesel engine value packages include 6 liters of Petron Rev-X, with the following options: All-Terrain, Trekker, Hauler and HD.

Petron Rev-X All-Terrain is a synthetic, ultra-high, multi-grade, heavy-duty engine oil meeting the highest levels of American and European heavy-duty diesel specifications. Petron Rev-X Trekker is a premium multi-grade, heavy-duty engine oil suitable for meeting the stringent requirements of the latest diesel automotive engines.

Petron Rev-X hauler is a high-performance single-grade engine oil designed to meet the requirements of turbocharged and supercharged automotive diesel engines, especially in passenger cars and buses. Petron Rev-X HD is a single-grade, heavy-duty motor oil recommended for diesel and gasoline engines of passenger vehicles with short drain intervals and used under mild operating conditions.

Pricing for the Petron Rev-X Complete Change Oil Value Packages ranges from Php 2,999 for Rev-X All-Terrain; Php 1,499 for Rev-X Trekker; Php 1,399 for Rev-X Hauler; and Php 1,199 for Rev-X HD.

Rolled out last December 4, 2010 at 40 Petron stations in Metro Manila, the Complete Change Oil Value Packages will soon be implemented nationwide.

Petron operates a world-class lube oil blending plant at its Pandacan Terminal, where it manufactures a wide range of lubricant products. This blending facility is recognized as one of the best in the region, producing consistently high-quality products designed to meet international specifications.