Photofeature: Looking Forward

Revolutions, big or small, are what drives human progress through steps and leaps. The essence of humanity lies in creation. Rather than to adapt physically to the changing world, humans craft devices to overcome challenges that they face.

From the discovery of fire—to the birth of agriculture—the smart devices of the present day, the spirit of human ingenuity lives on, driven by a constant curiosity for the unknown, and a desire to improve life.

Our last issue looked at the year that passed and the innovations that led to this point where we now speculate on the future, and the technology that will drive us towards it. We run through recent developments in smart devices, new and upcoming releases, and give our fearless predictions for the gadgets of tomorrow.

With a rapidly shrinking world, and new problems to conquer, revolutions will not cease. It is a constant that rides in the wave of time that only moves forward.

Art Direction by Jael Laura Mendoza
Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro
HMUA by Patricia Aquino
Styling by Jonah Mendoza
Assisted by Ma. Theresa Eloriaga
Benedict Asal
Model: Laura Burcikaite of Women’s Folio Management
Cover Credits: Outfits from Zalora Philippines

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE February 2017 issue.

Words by Robby Vaflor